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Shell Download Shell name Size TYPE USE uploadpassword views
wso.txt wso shell 67kb php shell wso-php-5.php 9816
c99.txt c99 shell 162kb php shell c99-php-5.php 2703
r57.txt r57 shell 104kb php shell r57-php-5.php 2216
shell-cmd.txt cmd shell 1kb c shell cmd.php?cmd=command 2090
shell-alfa.txt alfa shell 454kb php 7 shell alfa-php-7-8.php 1433
shell-wso-aspx.txt rooot wso aspx shell 62kb aspx shell wso.aspx rooot 865
shell-aspx.txt 123 aspx shell 51kb aspx shell aspx.aspx 123 701
shell-mini.txt mini shell 9kb php 7 shell mini-php-5-6-7-8.php 455
shell-upload.txt upload shell 1kb php 8 shell upload.php?up=up 362
shell-zehir4.txt zehir4 shell 46kb asp shell zehir4.asp 254
shell-adminer.txt adminer shell 1kb mysql shell adminer-php-5-6-7-8.php 226
shell-safe0ver.txt safe0ver shell 33kb php shell safe0ver-php-5.php 220
shell-efso.txt efso shell 150kb asp shell efso.asp 212
shell-webroot.txt webroot shell 90kb bypass shell webroot-php-5.php 196
shell-c99-php-7.txt c99 php 7 shell 229kb php 7 shell c99-php-7.php 195
shell-webadmin.txt webadmin shell 75kb php shell webadmin-php-5.php 158
shell-marijuana.txt marijuana shell 15kb php 8 shell marijuana-php-5-6-7-8.php 154
shell-b374k.txt b374k b374k shell 171kb php shell b374k.php b374k 129
shell-symlink-v3.txt symlink v3 shell 28kb bypass shell symlink-v3-php-5.php 125
shell-spynet.txt spynet shell 103kb php shell spynet-php-5.php 110
shell-r57-bypass.txt r57 bypass shell 187kb php shell r57-bypass-php-5.php 106
shell-wso-php-7.txt wso php 7 shell 85kb php 7 shell wso-php-7.php 98
shell-perl-wso.txt anonymous perl wso shell 49kb perl shell perl.wso anonymous 93
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